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Robbie Haas

Robbie Haas transferred to Western Michigan last fall from Ricks College. He redshirted a year ago and has three seasons of eligibility remaining. We caught up with him for his thoughts on the QB position and how the spring played out.

How did the spring go for you?
I think it went well overall. I'm learning the offense but still need to learn more. I just need more reps. Chad [Munson] and Jon [Drach] get most of them but I try to always pay attention in my head when I'm not in there to make sure I'm as prepared as I can be for the defense.

What are your impressions of new Quarterback's coach Charley Molnar?
I like how he pays attention to details. He makes sure we are doing the small things. As a unit I think we are sharper than we have been before. He's really focused on some of the small things we were doing wrong.

What are your goals for 2003?
I think this season is going to be a great learning experience for me. Chad and Jon are both seniors and will get most of the reps baring an injury so I am trying to learn all I can so that I can be ready when I'm called on.

Anything specific you are working on in your game?
I'd say my quickness. It seems to be coming back. Tim Lester was here and spoke to the quarterbacks this spring. He was telling us that he wasn't the fastest guy but had the quickest feet out there and that is something I'd like to have when I get in there.

How have you adjusted to life in the Midwest?
It is different than the west but I like it. I really enjoy school here and am studying Marketing and also trying to get all of my medical school requirements in.

Any thoughts on where you'd like to attend medical school?
My mom went to Utah and I've always thought about going there growing up. I really have no set plans. I'll see who will accepts me first (laughing).

What are some differences you see with this team now compared to last year?
I think there is a lot more leadership. When Anthony Allsbury got hurt last fall there wasn't a whole lot after that. I think multiple guys have stepped up and taken responsibility this spring and offseason so far.

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