Darnell Q&A On QB Decision

Tough Decision

Last night, Head Coach Gary Darnell announced before practice that senior Chad Munson had been named the starting quarterback entering the season. He discussed that decision with us last night.

It has been very important for us to choose a guy to handle our offense and that decision has been made and that person is Chad Munson. The easiest way to say how it is for that particular reason is the way Chad handles himself and throws the football really fits the style and direction we want to be with our offense right now and he is a fellow that fits that mold for us. I think with what he did last year we can take and build on that and we can move forward with that.

How hard was this decision?
Very hard. There's two things that came about here. Jon Drach really worked hard to improve and at the same time Chad stayed about the same. And then after more time both of them had improved and if you take the actual statistics, and we have reams of it, they are almost exactly even. So we have to see which guy actually fits the style of offense best that we want to do here because either one of them could have an offense styled around them and win. I don't want to get into the problem of last year where it's this guy and then that guy and with the receivers the ball comes in differently. We want to create as much consistency as we possibly can and that can only be done by allowing one guy to be quarterback.

Coach how tough is this decision on you?
It's frustrating me that it got to this point. In fairness to our players and what we talk about in our program if you work hard you can get yourself into it. It's the American way. Jon certainly did that. Blayne Baggett did that. Blayne was certainly a viable candidate in this whole process. You tell young people that and you like to see the reward some back. Jon's worked real hard but when you come right down to it you have to choose someone and you want a compelling reason and you couldn't just get your full grasp of that compelling reason so we search hard and long to make sure we had good reasons for choosing one knowing full well we could have gotten either one and had a successful team.

How did Jon Drach take the news?
That is one of the things that we had decided before was important. We talked with them about this and if they weren't the one chosen how would you do your role? They were able to express those feelings at some point in training camp so we had some idea of how they felt. We had to be ready to make the first decision and then handles the next things. Jon Drach came here to be part of a championship team and he does not want to leave until he is part of that team.

Team reaction?
We just made the announcement in the team meeting room and they are pleased to move on. They'll have their reactions and they'll move on. I really believe our team was ready to accept it and move on no matter who was chosen.

Drach play a key role?
The irony of the whole thing is there isn't a more valuable guy on your team than the backup quarterback. In our case that could still be Blayne Baggett. I don't want to soften his position in any way. Jon's here for the Bronco's to win. He has certainly convinced me that whatever he can do he'll do it the best way he can.

Has Jon Drach returning this year helped Chad in his development?
I think we'll win this year because of Jon Drach. I believe that with all of my heart. One way or another we are better. He's better, Chad's better, we're just better and it all has to do with how aggressive he has been to pursue that spot.

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