Recruits Crash In Route to WMU

Car Accident

Junior college transfers Chad Munson and Eugene Childs survived an accident in Missouri enroute to Kalamazoo. Childs was driving and rolled his vehicle after suffering a flat tire but he is fortunately just fine. They each sat down with us today after they reported to WMU for fall camp to discuss the accident as well as fall practice.

"It happened yesterday, early in the morning around 2:00 am," said Childs. "I was driving while towing a Uhaul trailer and the rear tire went flat and I immediately let off the gas and the car swirved and ended up flipping over."

Childs is a junior eligbility wise and will contribute at cornerback this year.

"I feel fine, I just got back from getting an X-Ray and they said it is going to be fine. I can run now fine so next week I'll be ready to go," said Childs. "I'm excited to be here, I just want my stuff to arrive so I can get some sleep."

Highly touted junior transfer Chad Munson was following Childs at the time of the accident.

"I was following Eugene who was 20 yards in front of us on I-40 and his truck got squirly due to a flat tire and sparks were everywhere. He went off the shoulder and back on the road and rolled it. I slammed on the brakes and turned the hazards on. Got out to see if he was OK and he had a big road rash on his left shoulder, his whole arm was bleeding," said Munson. "We had to fly everywhere to get here. I went to Dallas then to Chicago and finally here to Kalamazoo and Eugene had to fly to Phoenix and then back here. I'm definitely glad to be back in Kalamazoo!"

Munson spent the majority of the summer working out with teammates and returned to California for the past three weeks to spend time with family.

"I just want to come in and do what I can to help the team win. We should definitely have a top 10 WR corp this year. We have big guys that are fast and a lot of them. That is rare," said Munson.

Much of the focus for the fall camp with settle on the offensive line. Munson weighed in on his thoughts about the offensive line.

"I have roomed with John Garcia and Anthony Kiner and had lots of offensive linemen come over to the house. I think they are a lot tougher than they get credit for, they have something to prove this year. They have a lot to offer I don't think people know about yet," said Munson.

Practice starts tomorrow morning at 9:30 at Davids Fields for all new players. Practice is open to the public. Recommended Stories

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