Nasty Talks About His Move to DE

"Nasty" Jack

Jack Gitler is a true sophomore who was moved from defensive tackle to defensive end this fall due to the injury to Anthony Allsbury. He talks about the move, the Indiana State preparation and the effect losing Allsbury is having on the team.

Is your move to defensive end a temporary deal or permanent?
From what I know it is permanent, it's up to the coaches discretion what they want to do with it. They said they wanted me out there to get the rush going with Allsbury out and I took it upon myself to know it is best for the team. I got here and went from defenseive end to tackle and now I'm back to defensive end. If it's best for the team then that is fine with me. I just want us to do well out there.

Do you like it at end or prefer to play inside at tackle?
At first I was a little upset but after getting some reps I like being outside more, there is more freedom. I like having the freedom and get to run around chasing the quarterbacks and running backs down more. It's just the freedom feeling out there.

Do you feel your summer preparation was geared for defensive tackle and you are behind at defensive end?
I did a lot of the speed work like Babin, Allsbury, etc. The only thing is this summer is I tried to put on a lot of weight to play defensive tackle. I played defensive tackle last year at about 240 and tried to add as much as I could for this year. At first moving to defensive end I was worried about my weight but overall there I feel good since I worked on my speed.

What are you at now for height, weight, 40?
6-2 265, 4.71

Talk about Indiana State
It's a different kind of offense, one you see a lot in high school. You see the option a lot with the quarterback running the ball so much. It's a lot of game planning but the coaches are very thorough. I'm not too worried about our preparation. I've never played defensive end against the option and I feel comfortable already in our current gameplan.

Who are you looking forward to seeing step up this year?
Greg Jennings came in last year and was a highly known guy and watching him and see him move, he can fly. I'm excited to see him this year. I know a lot of people around here know him for what he did in high school but he's going to be real good in college too and it will be fun to watch him out there.

What are your goals for sacks now that you are at defensive end?
When I got moved out for whatever reason, lucky 7 or whatever, but I thought seven sacks was a good goal. That is around where a couple of our guys were last year. I just want to run around and make plays out there. There was a lot of talk of Bronwing, Babin, Allsbury and I want people talking about four now. Melcher and me and Babin and Browning so we can have just a whole bunch of us flying around making plays.

How has the loss of Allsbury affected the team and you personally?
I was really upset because of what he did in the offseason. He worked harder than anyone I had seen over the summer. I was thinking about all the preparation and then getting hurt like that I felt real bad for him there. From a team perspectiuve we lost a very good player but as opposed to last year people getting worried about Welsh going down I think this year people are upset but thinking we have the guys to fill in. Recommended Stories

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