Interview: Chad Munson

Chad Munson

Chad Munson has established himself as the #1 quarterback for the Broncos. He took some time recently to update us on his season, how he is adjusting to playing Division I football and what his overall impressions are of Western Michigan University.

How do you feel you have progressed this season?
I feel real good right now, things are coming together. I'm seeing defenses and reacting and I feel I can now go out and play and have it be on instinct. I feel I know where the receivers are at all times and I'm making my hot reads.

How has the adjustment been to playing here in cooler weather?
I love playing here. I haven't experienced the "real" cold weather yet. I actually prefer to play in the colder weather, I get a better grip on the ball. I've also never played anywhere where the community is so into it. It is a big time college atmosphere around here. The campus is into it, game days are loud and I love it like that.

What is your opinion on the rotation with Jon Drach earlier in the season?
I'm glad we did the platoon. It gave me an opportunity to see things on the field and then go in and see what we were going to do. I also think it made me work harder having to compete with Jon for time.

What are the differences in playing in the MAC versus a junior college?
I'm real comfortable in a university as opposed to junior college. Here you are playing for something, people come to the games so it makes you work hard to improve on and off the field. People here are looking at you and you have to step up and be ready.

What are your impressions of Western Michigan University thus far?
The football program is huge here. Campus follows it more than I expected. People around here seem to live for Bronco football.

What is your primary weakness in your opinion?
I need to work on my speed, my straight line speed.

What is your current height and weight?
I'm 6-3, 205 right now and I'd like to come in next year a solid 220.

Talk about the progress of the offensive line as the season has progressed
The offensive line has done a phenomenal job, they really have come together as the season has progressed. They improved so much and that has helped the team come together as a whole.

How difficult has the losing been this season?
It is tough. You have to focus on each game and not think negative. Only bad things can come from that, you have to stay positive.

What type of leader do you see yourself as on the field?
I always go with the flow, I'm not a real big screamer. I try to keep an even keel in the huddle and just stay focused.

Who are some guys that have really stepped up for you this year?
I think Jason Babin, Kendrick Mosely, Greg Jennings and Jermaine Lewis are special players. One to watch is Justin LeMay, he runs perfect routes out there. Recommended Stories

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