Interview: Joe Chapple

Joe Chapple

With the 2002 season still fresh in our minds, we're already going to get a look at the future with one of the true freshman wide receivers for the Broncos. Joe Chapple redshirted this season and he sat down with us to talk about the season and what brought him to Kalamazoo all the way from Florida among other topics.

How have you adjusted to your freshman year here?
Other than the weather I think the biggest adjustment is the speed of the game. It is fast. The defense I face in practice is a lot better obviously and the coverages are tougher. The competition is so tough too. Everyone has helped out a lot though and school is going good. I'm getting around fine (laughing). I'm rooming with Jimmie Vincent a fellow Florida boy and that has really helped.

Why Western all the way from Florida?
I felt I had a better chance to play here and I also knew people here (Kendrick Mosley and Antonio Thomas). I was recruited mostly by MAC schools and I liked Western Michigan the most. Middle Tennessee State also recruited me.

What are you studying here at Western?
I'm in the University Curriculum.

What have been your impressions of the MAC this first year?
It is a lot better than I expected. All MAC teams throw the ball around.

What do you feel you are ahead in and behind in regarding your development?
I'd say I'm behind in the weight room. I want to get my total strength up and my speed to around a 4.3/40. I think I may be ahead in my route running and my hands. I feel good about those parts of my game.

Do you plan to stay here over the summer or return to Florida?
Both. I'll stay here but also go home to work out.

What has been one thing that you didn't expect that has been the case here?
Classes are a lot harder than I thought. The conditions (weather) are harder too to get used to than I expected.

What are you currently at for height and weight?
I'm 6-1 and 185.

Who are some players that really stood out to you this season?
I think there were a lot but Greg Jennings, Bryan Lape and Chad Munson are a few that really stood out.

What are some things you like to do in your free time?
I pretty much sleep as much as possible. I also play some video games but that is about it. Recommended Stories

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